Hello, my name is Lendon!
I live in Dublin, GA, USA. Born in February of 2000.

From a business perspective, I am a film maker and visual effects artist. I work as a freelancer for many businesses and individuals who need any kind of video production. I learned many of these skills from an amateur film I took part in as a director/editor/producer. (Dual Blades: Quest of the Khans)
Visit the Visual Effects page to see more!

Mathematics is a great part of my life. Math has this special ability to present unlimited questions and logic related ideas that often reveal amazing and unexpected relations in seemingly separate concepts. Often these conjectures, theorems, formulas, and equations help us so much better understand how everything does and should work. Flirting with deep mathematical ideas put me in a state of mind that is ultimately curious about the nature of logic and the strange existance of so many concepts in our universe.
I don't particularly enjoy mathematics from a textbook but rather using and perceiving it in my own unique way is what really what inspires me to progress.

I am exceptionally fascinated with music. Unlike any other form of art, music has an ability to connect with our emotions, the burning fuel of our existance, to express meaning that cannot come through even the most powerful tools such as language. Oh, how can something be so beautiful, so meaningful, so intensly entangled with our consciousness. My soul never fails to melt in the presense and beauty of music.

I spend my free time learning on the web, making youtube videos, playing chess, speed solving puzzles like the Rubik's cube, speed typing, programming, working out, thinking of software/website ideas, or podering over any philisophical, religious, scientific, or political ideas. Something within me yearns with undescribable intensity to answer deeper and deeper questions that I can hardly express with words but are more real than
anything else in my head.

Feel free to contact me! Thank you for visiting my website!